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Alibaba sets up first ‘netpreneur training’ programme outside China in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 — Malaysia has been chosen by the Alibaba Business School as the first country outside China for its “Netpr...

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DNA CEO Conference 2019: SMEs Slow to Adopt Digital Technology, More Needs to be Done

If The country of Malaysia were a car, then Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs are the engine that drives the nation forward. This wa...

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Over 18,000 merchants using FPX for online payments

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 16): Over 18,000 online merchants in Malaysia, including the top 10 e-commerce retailers and platforms, are offering their...

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Most SMEs unaware of Islamic financing options

Many still have misconception option is only for Muslims and continue to go with conventional financing, Bank Negara survey shows PETALIN...

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SMEs: It’s tough to maintain sales, profit margins

PETALING JAYA: Maintaining sales and profit margins are the primary concerns faced by the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), accordin...

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At The Malaysian Entrepreneurs Festival® (“TMEF®”), we strive to be the architects of the industry and strive to provide solutions by helping SMEs realize that their true strength lies in their abilities.

Since its inception, TMEF® has made its mission to empower start-ups, cultivate entrepreneurship and empower small and medium enterprise entrepreneurs no matter which community they may hail from. They could be new entrepreneurs who are just starting to launch their own business, women, veterans, technopreneur and more, TMEF® is committed to connecting SMEs, nurturing entrepreneurs and advancing the nation for the country.

TMEF® has made a name for itself over the years as a driver of SME growth thanks to the different initiatives and SME transformation programmes it has organized. At TMEF®, we firmly believe that SMEs are the catalysts that support the country’s economic growth, and as an experienced entrepreneurial cultivator, TMEF® is committed to supporting the country’s economic growth through SME development.


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