Penang, Johor, Kuala Lumpur – All three editions of the TMEF® SME Tech Summit 2019 over by storm, with thousands of SME entrepreneurs from various industries flocking to grab latest business solutions from industrial experts.

The Malaysian Entrepreneurs Festival®, TMEF® gathered thousands of SME business owners across three big cities in Malaysia – Penang, Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur - to procure hot topics that were essential for SMEs to survive in this digital era together. This was done with the aid of solution-driven experts and gurus on 4th September, 9th October and 13th November 2019 respectively.

Thousands of SMEs benefited from participating at TMEF® SME Tech Summit 2019 with the list of distinguished speakers from various industry backgrounds who shared their respective presentation. Namely, Internet of Things Security by Konica Minolta, Saving Energy and Manage Cost by Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Smart Parcel by Pos Malaysia, Going Into e-Commerce Market with Bukalapak, Supply Chain Management Using Blockchain by Luxtag, Killer Video Ad Within Budget by Exabytes, Growing Business with Google, Futurise Business in VR and AR with Evoweb that lead the way for the SMEs to tap into the smooth and efficient digitization implementation in operating their business.

TMEF® SME Tech Summit 2019 is a two way opportunity for both SMEs and partners to venture and network in meeting each other purpose. It is a mutual event to connect every player in the business industry so that every party achieved their designated goal via the event. Among the objectives include to bring the SMEs in Malaysia close to digital and technology adaption together with the right solutions provider aligned with the government’s Industry4WRD plan in vigorously supporting SMEs to embrace digitisation. Some of the biggest names who tap in the technology scene is on board at the event, Tenaga Nasional Berhad played their part to provide advance energy saving device for big factories that required huge amount of energy consumed per day while Pos Malaysia Berhad provide smart digital parcel that allow users to book deliveries and generate shipping labels or consignment notes through a touch of a fingertips.

Among the glorious presentation content, the not-to-be-missed full day conference is also honored to have international speakers that flew all the way from Indonesia and Singapore who passionately shared their expertise mainly focusing on e-Commerce business and global business connection in bringing local SMEs to roar beyond sea border via online digital platform.

Speaking ahead at the conference, Fajrin Rasyid the CEO and Co-Founder of Bukalapak, a unicorn business and the largest e-Commerce company from Indonesia shared on helping micro SMEs like ‘Warong’ business to dive in the e-Commerce line encouraged SMEs to innovate in this fast-changing technology era to catch up with latest trend. “I think it is easier for SMEs to do business than in 20 years ago because now is actually a good time to start and expand a business and the key is to innovate” said Fajrin. Eddy Han from Shopback also highlighted that “There are a lot of new things here in Malaysia, as long as you are an early adopter of anything digital, you will have a strong case to win”. Adaptation is crucial for SMEs to leap into online business platform and take the first step to export to international market and increase business visibility.

Along with that, the crowd also stood a chance to listen and consult business solutions from Epilson Telecommunications, a global business communication connectivity provider from Singapore who shared their SME ability to overcome critical and complex aspect of global business digital ecosystem. The speaker, Kugenesh Segaran, stressed on making it simple to connect communication services and application to activate and manage business connectivity conveniently using smart analytics and technology implementations for SME business. The same discussion was highlighted by Tenaga Nasional Berhad speaker, Yong Bon Heng where he mentioned “I foresee new advance technology in near future, it is no longer simple platform, analytics has come whereby it is very targeted and more proactive approach to outreach the consumer”.

Apart from the presentation line up, TMEF® SME Tech Summit 2019 is also equipped with an exhibition area for SMEs and sponsors to create strategic partnership and back-to-back networking, exchange business cards, gain direct consultation with the speakers and solution providers coming from Konica Minolta, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, SP Setia, Pos Malaysia, Maybank, Luxtag, Anchanto, Evoweb, SME Corporation, Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, Credit Guarantee Corporation and many more partners who is ready to hear the SMEs out until the grand ballroom door is shut.

This remarkable event that was graced by two ministers last year when it was successfully organized with jammed packed crowds at all three editions again. This was all possible with the continuous support from the Ministries, corporate sponsors, supportive partners and SME participants who have contributed their time and energy throughout the event and together championing the goal of a hybrid business ecosystem in Malaysia by connecting SMEs, nurturing entrepreneurs and advancing the nation.